The San Ramon Valley Historical Society was formed in 1970 for the purpose of locating and identifying historical sites and points of interest in the San Ramon Valley and to be a resource for   history of the area.  It is the aim of the SRV Historical Society to participate in proper marking and preservation.

The marking of historical sites is a continuing project.  Interest in preservation is imperative if the artifacts and memorabilia in this valley are to be saved.  Interest, identification and preservation go hand in hand.

In 1983, the Historical Society conceived the idea of a museum.  A committee was appointed.  After much research this committee recommended that a Historical board be formed for operating the museum.  From this the Museum of the San Ramon Valley was formed.  A close relationship exists between the two organizations with one Historical Society board member serving on the Museum Board.  Membership dues are paid separately to each organization.

To help support the museum, the Historical Society created a Memory Book.  Names honored by memorial and commemorative gifts to the SRV Historical Society and names of donors are placed in the Memory Book which resides in the Museum Library.  The San Ramon Valley Historical Society is a 501c⑶ organization.

A resource for our shared local history, participating in identification, commemoration, and preservation